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Parsley Tacos

Oh, CSA, you giveth, then you giveth some more. 

Last year, it was an over abundance of bokchoy, a vegetable that I have come to…not hate. This year, it seems to be parsley. I found myself with two huge bunches of parsley and, tired of throwing away good greenery, resolved to find a recipe.  The internet yields a treasure trove- here are a few of the ideas I found:

  • chimichurri sauce
  • parsley pesto
  • angel hair pasta with parsley sauce
  • cream of parsley soup
  • baked creamy parsley rice
  • parsley risotto
  • simply chopping up the parsley and freezing it

Nothing was quite as intriguing, though, as parsley tacos. Apparently quite common in the street cart taco establishments south of the border, it consists of nothing more than fried tacos and slices of lemon. The Chowhound who suggested it had no recipe, but it seemed simple enough. 


First, the tortillas. A good New Yorker in a 300 square foot 2 bedroom apartment and 4 cupboards always keeps a bag of Masa Harina in stock, as well as her trusty tortilla press. A pinch of salt, some masa and some water and I end up with a soft dough that I divide into little balls. It goes in a ziploc bag, then on the deadly press.


Then, SQUASH! Flat as a…well..tortilla, then into a dry cast iron skillet.



A couple of minutes on each side, then into an warm oven covered with a damp paper towel while the other tortillas cook.  Onto the PARSLEY!



Wash the parsley and dry VERY, VERY, VERY well. You are about to drop this into boiling oil and you don’t want any water on those suckers. 

Bring about an inch of vegetable or other neutral oil to 375 degrees. Then, PARSLEY BOMB! This will sizzle and bubble up, so take precautions.



Fry until dark green, about 30 seconds. Remove from the hot oil and place on paper towels to drain. Sprinkle immediately with fleur de sel or fine salt.

Wash a lemon very well, then slice it paper thin. Drop these slices into the hot oil. (Here’s a mystery: lemon slices don’t really splatter in hot oil. Strange.) When the slices start to caramelize with some golden spots, pull them out of the oil.



To assemble, take a soft, warm tortilla, a handful of crispy parsley, then top with slight sweet, caramelly, tangy lemon slices. You will be tempted to put crema on them. Maybe cheese. Maybe some tomatoes or something like that. You don’t need it. These simple tacos are surprisingly tasty, complex and satisfying.



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